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Ciao! I’m Stefano

I love people, music and events. 

I do tours, events, sound design.

and… someone once said I make a good Carbonara! 😛


Works, projects, events…

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Working “on the road”. For live concerts, event and touring needs. Providing show, technical and logistics support

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From a crazy idea, to a crazy story. The aim is to get people together, to a common passion, to live tangible emotions. Design, production and promotion of events.

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Sound Design

From an idea to reality, sound design. Shaping and creating sounds to give ‘life’ to videos, cartoons, theme parks attractions, advertisements, museums, video games.

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Music Production

Conveying emotion using air, sound. Music production and composition for music, film soundtracks, jingles.

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Updates about music, events, art and entertainment.

Artisti Vari – Stranger Things: (Soundtrack From The Netflix Season 3 Original Series)

Li avevamo lasciati che erano ragazzini, li ritroviamo adolescenti alle prese con i loro primi piccoli problemi di cuore (be’, tranne Will, che continua a voler giocare a Dungeons &amp̷…
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Chris Robinson Brotherhood – Servants Of The Sun

Di Simöne Gall Se parliamo di rock ‘n’ roll, viene piuttosto difficile non trovare insuperabili i vecchi album da studio dei Black Crowes. In particolare i primi cinque, a cominciare…
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