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Ciao! I’m Stefano

I love people, music and events. 

I do tours, events, sound design.

and… someone once said I make a good Carbonara! 😛


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Working “on the road”. For live concerts, event and touring needs. Providing show, technical and logistics support

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From a crazy idea, to a crazy story. The aim is to get people together, to a common passion, to live tangible emotions. Design, production and promotion of events.

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Sound Design

From an idea to reality, sound design. Shaping and creating sounds to give ‘life’ to videos, cartoons, theme parks attractions, advertisements, museums, video games.

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Music Production

Conveying emotion using air, sound. Music production and composition for music, film soundtracks, jingles.

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Updates about music, events, art and entertainment.

Come Elvis Presley aiutò per due volte la carriera dei Cheap Trick

Il chitarrista dei Cheap Trick Rick Nielsen ha ricordato, al microfono di Uncle Joe Benson nel programma radiofonico Ultimate Classic Rock Nights, come Elvis Presley abbia inciso in profondità…
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Joan Armatrading, una figura originale del pop-rock femminile: le 10 canzoni più belle

Nata nel 1950 nell’isola di  St.Kitts, Indie Occidentali, Joan Armatrading si trasferisce a Birmingham, Inghilterra, a seguito della sua famiglia quando è ancora una bambina. Tra gli anni…
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