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Scarica il modulo per iscriverti a: “La Scimmia Contest” 

Dal 3 al 31 Maggio

Nella mail dovrai inserire tutti i dati richiesti più il materiale video/audio per la selezione. 

Scarica - Stefano Poillucci - Music & Events - Audio Engineering - Composition - Events - Sound Design

About Me

Ciao! I’m Stefano

I love people, music & events. 

I do composition, sound design, audio, events.

and… someone once said I make a good Carbonara! 😛

On Tour!

Currently working on...


Sound Design

From an idea to reality, sound design. Shaping and creating sounds to give ‘life’ to videos, cartoons, theme parks attractions, advertisements, museums, video games.

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From a crazy idea, to a crazy story. The aim is to get people together, to a common passion, to live tangible emotions. Design, production and promotion of events.

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Audio Engineering

From studio to live sound, post-production, location recording, technical support. Providing audio engineering services along with creativity to make artworks sounding good.

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Making the soul vibrate using air, sound. Providing a creative skills set in audio production and composition for music in general, film soundtracks, jingles.

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Works, projects, events…

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